Scorpion Ball

NOTICE: If you are experiencing lag, turn off glow by pressing G!

Unleash your inner Scorpion to shoot balls at other balls in this Retro-style shooter.

This is a fast paced survival game that's playable on the browser. It's pretty challenging and it's decently skill based.
Hostile balls will spawn from the bottom of the screen to attack your health bar.
Don't let that happen, shoot them! What's the highest score you can get?

You can also play this game on

Over there, you can play full-screen as well as mess with the JS

This is a submission to Github Game Off 2017. I originally started building this game because there's not a load of great games that arent blocked at my school. Later one of my friends who won a Github Bug Bounty told me about Github Game Off. I found out the theme was throwback. I was able to put everything that I felt had been "forgotten" into one project. This game takes inspiration from other games like Peggle, Plinko and Bubble Shooter. It uses an 80s futuristic design with appealing glowing effects. This game also includes 80s retro and synthwave music from one of my favourite artist. Even though now, that artist has unexpectedly disappeared from the internet. If the glow effects are causing lag, then turn it off by pressing G.


A or Left Arrow - Slide left

D or Right Arrow - Slide right

A or Left Arrow - Rotate left

D or Right Arrow - Rotate right

W - Sliding Brakes

S - Sliding Brakes

Space or K - Shoot balls

You will know that you're ready to fire if the muzzle of the player's cannon is charged up. 

X or K - Shoot your charged ability (Powershot)

You will know your Powershot charge by looking at how much the circle of the player's cannon is charged up. The outline of the player will also glow in yellow when it is ready.

Z or L - Rains balls from the sky (Ultimate ability)

You will know your ultimate is charged when the either your health bar glows yellow or the screen border glows yellow.

G - Toggle glow

M - Toggle mute

C - Change weapons (only works in menu screen)

Game Info



Enemies are lined up in rows

Enemies have medium health and traval at a normal pace

Powerup charges your ultimate abilty


Enemies are stacked on each other

Enemies have lower health points and traval at a fast pace

Powerup increases your rate of fire


Enemies appear in circlular formations

Enemies have higher health points and traval at a slow pace

Powerup freeze all enemies


White outline - Normal enemies

Blue outline - Powerups that changes weapons

Orange outline - Special powerups unique to each world

Purple outline - Destroys all enemies on the screen and trasports you to the next world



Lightblue - Shoots bouncy balls

Jitendra Power - power fires a enormous exercise ball


Purple - Shoots mutiple smaller balls in a line

Death Star - power fires a deadly lazer blow


Gray - Shoots mutiple shells in a wide angle

Make it Rain - power fires a power spray that covers a wide angle


Beige - Shoots pointy triangles

Illuminati - power fires a large triangle that explodes into little ones


Brown - Shoots spiraling footballs

Full Send - power fires a large football that scores a touchdown when it connects to the bottom of the screen


Yellow - Shoots electric bolts

Crackhead Lightning - power fires two balls of lightning that shocks all enemies


Red - Shoots flaming hot fireballs

Volcanic Eruption - power fires a dragon that latches on to the first enemy it finds.


Pink - Shoots weighted storage cubes

Infinite Loop - power fires a large companion cube that falls in a infinite loop


Black - Shoots lightweight shadow balls

Wrath of the Amit - power fires a grizzly bear that you can control


Green - Shoots fast deadly bullets

Deadshot - power fires a grizzly bear that you can control


Open Source Libraries




Miami Nights 1984 - New Tomorrow

M A G N A V O X - Running in the 80s

M A G N A V O X - Night Of Fire

M A G N A V O X - Shooting Stars


Andrew Wang
Calder White


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how do you start the game? mouse doesn't work, i've also press all the keys i can press on my keyboard.

Really fun game to play. The gun inertia is somewhat annoying and makes it harder to aim. Also I had a few short moments of game lagging

Really great game with awesome music !

Really well done.